Today's customers demand choice, and the way in which they book is no exception! Let your customers choose how they do business with you by providing them with e-availability's online ticketing system!


How would you feel if one system could help save you time, sell tickets 24/7, improve your administrative reliability and processes and reduce your operating costs?

Our online ticketing system doesn't costs the earth to set up, can be easily integrated into your existing website and provides a customer friendly booking solution which processes payments that arrive into your account within days rather than weeks!

No matter what your needs are - we can have tickets for your event up online and on sale within a couple of hours!


Key Benefits

  • Full Control - view, modify and print off any bookings at any time
  • Saves Time - booking process is automated
  • Satisfied Customers - book at a time which is convenient to them
  • 24 Hour Service - sell tickets outside of regular office hours
  • Generate Reports - gather customer data and send targeted mailings
  • Improve Brand Strength - booking system can be customised to include company logo and colour scheme


    Click on the links to see how Chocolate Delight and Beamish Wild have used our Ticketing System.


    e-availability charges an initial set up fee (from £495.00) followed by a FIXED monthly licence and support fee (from £49.50), if paid annually includes a 10% discount.

    As an example - if you take 1000 bookings (with multiple tickets ie. 2 adult + 2 child) in the first year, then each booking would cost you approx 60p! - if you sell 5000 then this would reduce to less than 15p per booking as your on a fixed fee!.

    The payment gateway costs £195.00, if taken at the same time as the main ticketing module the cost for the whole system with the discount is only £621.00 + VAT!

    Quote 'TICKETING OFFER' on your first enquiry with the team to receive 10% discount on completion of the project.

    Contact us today to receive our promotional 10% discount and pay just 621.00 for set up and payment module fee!