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"More and more people are using the internet to look for holidays and if we can make that process as simple as possible for them, then that's great and e-availability helps us do that!"

Sharon Ashwell - Owner
Loch Leven Accommodation

Accommodation System

e-availability’s Accommodation system is ideal for accommodation providers such as hotels, guesthouses and self-catering cottages.

The system can be seamlessly integrated within your website or operate via a link, enabling your customers to search and book accommodation online – confirmation of bookings are automatically emailed to both you and the customer. Staff can add, edit and switch off rooms or properties, set individual rates, and set availability in blocks of days or weeks, plus extensive reporting is available e.g. occupancy reports. Bookings taken over the telephone can be easily added to the system and staff can modify or cancel existing bookings.

If payment is required, the payment module enables secure payments online, with payment transferred securely and quickly into your account.


e-availability charges £175.00 per annum for self-catering businesses with less than 5 properties or hotels/guesthouses with less than 5 rooms - there is no setup or monthly fee.

e-availability charges an initial set up fee (from £295.00) followed by a monthly licence and support fee (from £25.00) for self-catering businesses with 5 or more properties or hotels/guesthouses with 5 or more rooms. If paid annually a 10% discount is given.

Accommodation System

  • Automate booking and administration processes, saving valuable time
  • Enable bookings to be taken outside of regular office hours to increase customer throughput, and receive immediate payment into your account
  • Enable customers to search, book and pay for accommodation online
  • Add/edit room and property details, and add incentives (promotional codes for special offers easily set up)
  • Modify or cancel bookings with ease
  • Use the reporting features e.g. track booking activity (via email), review daily/weekly occupancy lists, and generate customer lists
  • Customise the system to meet your booking and reporting requirements.

MacLeod Hotels

The Broadford Hotel and Bosville Hotel are luxury hotels situated on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, run by MacLeod Hotels. MacLeod’s has recently purchased a third hotel, the Marmalade, making it a major employer on Skye.

MacLeod’s was looking for an online booking system that could synchronise the availability of room bookings across the Broadford and Bosville hotels. E-availability integrated a modified version of the e-availability Accommodation system within each hotel’s website, which were connected to each other. When prospective customers check availability at either hotel, they are presented with appropriate options for the sister hotel if nothing suitable is available, ensuring MacLeod’s maximise their booking potential. New bookings are added to MacLeod’s existing Five Star Hotel System and confirmation of bookings are automatically emailed to both the Hotel and the customer.

In addition, the e-availability booking system allows for upselling items at certain times e.g., chocolates or champagne for Valentine’s Day bookings, and taking online payment via PayPoint.

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Sample System: Screenshots

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Customer Booking Panel (front end)

Administration Panel (back end)