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"I am so very happy with the product and your support, it's making our lives so much easier and also we're much more efficient. We've taken over 200 bookings in the 2 and a bit days it's been up and running and without it we would only have managed about 40! I really appreciate your attention and feel that you do everything that you can to iron out any teething problems."

Liz Ridley - Managing Director

Appointments System

e-availability’s Appointments system is ideal for any appointments-based business, from GP consultations to teeth whitening to home water and energy advisors.

The system can be seamlessly integrated within your website or operate via a link, enabling your customers to search and book appointments online – confirmation of bookings are automatically emailed to both you and the customer. Staff can set the duration of time slots and view appointments, plus extensive reporting is available e.g. lists of customers can be compiled. Appointments taken over the telephone can be easily added to the system and staff can modify or cancel existing bookings. The system can be used across multiple organizations or locations.

If payment is required, the payment module enables secure payments online, with payment transferred securely and quickly into your account.


e-availability charges for the Appointments system start from £495.00 for configuration and setup, followed by a monthly licence and support fee from £55 or £49.50 if paid annually (10% discount given).

The payment gateway costs £195.00, but if taken at the same time as the appointments system the total cost is only £675.00.

Appointments System

  • Automate booking and administration processes, saving valuable time
  • Enable bookings to be taken outside of regular office hours to increase customer throughput, and receive immediate payment into your account
  • Enable customers to search, book and pay for appointments online
  • Manage time slots and add incentives (promotional codes for special offers easily set up)
  • Use the reporting features e.g. track booking activity (via email), review daily/weekly appointments lists, and generate customers lists
  • Synchronise appointments with your mobile phone calendar
  • Customise the system to meet your booking and reporting requirements.


Pearlys logoPearlys is a leading teeth whitening company in the UK; a team of specialists hold regular clinics in over 150 locations across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Clients include the X-Factor – for the past two years Pearlys has provided whitening treatments for the finalists!

Pearlys employed e-availability’s appointments system to improve the booking process and increase the number of appointments for Pearlys teeth whitening and other treatments. Previously, bookings were taken over the telephone by sales staff, that then phoned the appropriate consultant to give them the appointment details – a process that could take several hours. Customers can now book an appointment online with a consultant in their area, via a link on Pearlys’s website. The system automatically sends an email notification to the consultant and enters the booking on their Google calendar, which is then synced to their Blackberry mobile device.

In the first three days of implementing the new system, bookings increased by a whopping 500% making the return on investment immediate!


Sample System: Screenshots

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Customer Booking Panel (front end)

Administration Panel (back end)